21 New Ways To Eat Weet-Bix


And you thought the best way to spice up your Weet-Bix was by adding fruit and honey.

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1. Weetbix Choc Chip Cookies

Weetbix Choc Chip Cookies

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WHAT? They look so good and not at all like one of the world’s blandest cereals! Recipe here.

2. Breakfast Smoothie

Breakfast Smoothie

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Although over-liquified Weet-Bix is usually the stuff of nightmares, this smoothie is far from the tasteless mush you may be imagining. Make it here.

3. Brownies


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We all know the only way to make Weet-Bix palatable is by adding sugar. Lots of it. Here’s the recipe.

4. Fruit Loaf

Fruit Loaf

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Like Christmas, but better. It’s Weet-Bix and fruit, so it’s basically a health food. Recipe here.

5. Chocolate Nests

Chocolate Nests

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Technically this recipe is for Easter, but there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying them year-round. Recipe here.

6. Weet Bix, Peanut Butter, Orange and Banana Smoothie

Weet Bix, Peanut Butter, Orange and Banana Smoothie

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An even better version of the smoothie listed above, because this one has peanut butter. Name one thing that is not improved with peanut butter. That’s right, nothing. Get the recipe.

7. Pancakes with Maple Blueberry Sauce

Pancakes with Maple Blueberry Sauce

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This looks like something you could serve at a fancy brunch and NO ONE WOULD KNOW that you’ve put Weet-Bix in it! Sneaky… Recipe here.

8. Banana Weet-Bix Muffins

Banana Weet-Bix Muffins

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Less sugar than a normal muffin so of course it’s ok to eat five in one go while standing over the kitchen sink. Get the recipe.

9. Chocolate Weet-Bix Slice

Chocolate Weet-Bix Slice

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Just LOOK at that melty icing and the delicious coconut flakes on top… Stop trying to eat your computer screen and make it!

10. Caramel Slice

Caramel Slice

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It looks so perfect and delicious on that dainty napkin. Get the recipe.

11. Ginger Balls

Ginger Balls

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While your inner 12-year-old is sniggering at the name, the sophisticated adult side of you will seriously love this apricot, coconut and ginger masterpiece. Recipe here.

12. Fruit n Nut Energy Slice

Fruit n Nut Energy Slice

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Just looking at this beauty makes you want to ride a bike up a mountain or go rock climbing or heli-skiing. So much energy! Get the recipe here.

13. Rosemary Weet-Bix Biscotti

Rosemary Weet-Bix Biscotti

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We can 100% guarantee that when you woke up this morning you had no idea that you’d be gifted with the amazing union that is rosemary and Weet-Bix. You’re welcome. Recipe here.

14. Berry Nice Weet-Bix Muffins

Berry Nice Weet-Bix Muffins

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First of all, there’s a pun in the name so you’re already winning. And you can never ignore the perfect flavour combination of blueberries and strawberries. You just can’t. Recipe here.

15. Weet-Bix Rum Balls

Weet-Bix Rum Balls

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Alcohol. And chocolate. And Weet-Bix. OMG. Did your head just explode? Recipe here.

16. Mashed Potato with Chives and Weet-Bix

Mashed Potato with Chives and Weet-Bix

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Holy shit. There are no words for how amazing that looks. This photo is seriously NSFW. Recipe here.

17. Apricot Dessert Slice

Apricot Dessert Slice

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Via funkymunky.co.za

Again, totally healthy because of the apricots. We promise. Recipe here.

18. Weet-Bix Patties

Weet-Bix Patties

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Yes, patties. As in a Weet-Bix burger. Is it possible to make anything more Australian? Recipe here.

19. Mixed Veggie Bake

Mixed Veggie Bake

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You could just have one big Weet-Bix dinner party. And we all know that eating cereal for dinner is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Recipe here.

20. Apple and Raspberry Crumble

Apple and Raspberry Crumble

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We’ll take four thanks. Recipe here.

21. Mediterranean Vegetable Bake

Mediterranean Vegetable Bake

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Although we question how frequently Weet-Bix is eaten in the Mediterranean, this dish still looks amaze. Recipe here.

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