Community Post: 15 DIY Tips And Lifehacks To Make This Valentine’s Day Special

1. Creep on your SO’s Pinterest page for gift ideas.

Yes it might be somewhat creepy and stalkerish … but it’s full of great ideas and she’s probably pinning what she likes.

2. If your’e going to a fancy steak dinner, check Costco or Sam’s Club for gift certificates.

For instance, if you plan on spending at least $100 this purchase will save you $20 at Flemings.

3. Get super crafty and romantic by making her some fleece mittens.

It might seem a little corny, but they are mittens that allow you both to hold hands while they’re inside.

Yes, you will earn huge points for the effort and thought.

You can find the instructions here.

4. Heart Shaped Eggs

5. Find all relevant measurements of your GF and email them to yourself.

This is so you can easily shop for her while you’re out at the mall.

6. How to make a heart in the middle of your cake.

7. Make easy heart-shaped cupcakes with marbles.

8. Simple and cute, how to make heart shaped paper clips.

Simple and cute, how to make heart shaped paper clips.

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9. Ordering flowers for Valentines day? Check the prices with and without a promo code.

Hint: You might be surprised.

10. Heart shaped eggs in your bread.

11. Probably my favorite and easiest Valentine’s day card.

It just involves one glue on googly eye, a Twinkie (if you can find one) and some cardboard and a pen.

12. The same idea can be applied to a can of Orange Crush.

13. Heart shaped bacon.

14. Pour your pancake mix into a heart shaped cookie cutter to make heart shaped pancakes.

15. The same can be applied to grilled cheeses.

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