Funny letter from a kid to a soldier in Afghanistan

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10 responses to “Funny letter from a kid to a soldier in Afghanistan”

  1. Brian McGovern says:

    I’ve been to war (two of ‘em, in fact), and I have received cards like this. I thought it was great that they took time to write anything at all! We understand that young kids are not at an advanced level of social comprehension. I have four young kids myself. I don’t take it personally if they say something that might be construed as off-color.Besides that, Soldiers at war are not too sensitive to read something like this. We’re not going to see this card and suddenly be reminded of the dangerous nature of our jobs. That was already on my minds every day I was over there. And cards like this always made me smile.

  2. Christina says:

    I have mixed feelings on this, I think that the teacher should have filtered this out. But at the same time the soldier should have looked at this as a blessing that this little kid took the time to send anything at all. Kids have no idea what the soldiers are going through and frankly I personally think that is a good thing. This child probably just thought that it is something that the soldier could relate to!

  3. Greg Olson says:

    Thank you for your service and your insight Brian. First Grade Teachers, however well intentioned, are not going to shield you from the brutality of war. Hearing from kids back home, regardless of the polish of their social skills can lighten your day a little. Thank you for your comment!

  4. sarah says:

    Was this from George Bush?

  5. Kacee says:

    If I was at war and a kid sent me Don’t Get Shot in a card it would make me laugh! Have a good war is a little different, but I’m thinking Don’t Get Shot is just good advice :)

  6. LInz says:

    My mom helped collect cards that customers at a local grocery store wrote to deployed troops. It was so sad (and scary) to hear some of the horrible things that people wrote to the troops.

  7. darius sohei says:

    war might be the MOST laughing-est matter. EVER.

  8. Ryan says:

    I got shipped out to Afghanistan 3 times in my time and we got stuff like that above and just laughed.. but saying dont die brings up feelings of people we know or knew who dies there

  9. Scott says:

    The guy holding the letter doesn’t look too pleased by it..

  10. darius sohei says:

    this is genius. in one simple swoop it undermines the very reason for war and yet encourages the viewer/recipient to make the best choice possible in a bad situation.

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