Kim Kardashian Showed Her Nipples Again In Another See-Through Top

Kim Kardashian has been flashing the puppies all around town lately and, you know what, Im totally fine with it.

The matriarch of the Kardashian-West mishpucha has never been afraid of throwin her front-boulders around like it was opening day at a front-boulder throwing contest.

And Im super cool with that! Were all super cool with that unless youre Chlo Grace Moretz!

Lately Kim has been taking this form of EXPRESSING HER FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS in the form of wearing see-through clothing.

Her latest stand came right after the kickoff to this years New York Fashion Week.

Honestly, I know we were joking about this in the past, but at some point Kim Kardashian will truthfully 100 percent break the internet.

Dang. God effing dang.

I vote for MORE celebs whodo this! THIS IS AMERICA! SHOW US DA TOTS! (OK, I just read that sentence back and I realized I came off SUPER creepy. I meant this as a freedom thing. Sorry.)

Kim knows this is clearly controversial stance shes taken and has in the past enlisted the help of other celebs to promote her topless agenda.


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