People on Facebook who think The Onion reports actual news [15 pictures]

The site Literally Unbelievable collects and shares screen-caps of Facebook interactions where people post links to The Onion, thinking it’s real. Or sometimes people post links knowing The Onion is just supposed to be funny, but their commenters think it’s real.

Here are some of the best…

National Anthem Dance

Thinking the Onion Is Real - 01

It Has the Date and Everything

Thinking the Onion Is Real - 02

Forgive Us Dear Lord

Thinking the Onion Is Real - 04

Okay Well That Is Your Opinion

Thinking the Onion Is Real - 06

This Isn’t Helping!

Thinking the Onion Is Real - 07

Satire Can Be Truth…Like a Lie

Thinking the Onion Is Real - 08

True One Well Educated Conservative

Thinking the Onion Is Real - 11

And You Said I Was Just Being Racist

Thinking the Onion Is Real - 12

That Terrible Man

Thinking the Onion Is Real - 14

No Such Thing as Drones

Thinking the Onion Is Real - 15

Insanity in a Doctor’s Suit

Thinking the Onion Is Real - 16

No More Brain-dead than U and Me

Thinking the Onion Is Real - 17

It’s a Free Country… I Can Believe The Onion if I Want to

Thinking the Onion Is Real - 18

Makes Me Want to Cry

Thinking the Onion Is Real - 19

Mainstream Media Will Never Cover Stories Like The Onion

This last one has a bit more NSFW language than the others, but it’s also the most facepalm-inducing, so I had to include it…

Thinking the Onion Is Real - 13

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10 responses to “People on Facebook who think The Onion reports actual news [15 pictures]”

  1. Stephen says:

    Here is a prime example. If I didn’t already tell you this was another fake news site then you might believe it:

  2. Darcy Lynne says:

    I literally facepalmed the last one, when he said, “Ive always learned not to trust wiki for credible info lol.”

  3. anaris says:

    yes that is the joke

  4. Mu_Lton says:

    In those countries, esp. N.Korea, it actually does. Of course there is no way to determine if every single Korean believes in it. When you’re talking, however, about a country where the only source of information (they practically don’t have internet) are government controlled newspapers which people are taught to believe blindly since they were children it’s actually pretty safe to assume that the great majority would believe an “onion” article if they saw it published there..

  5. Oy says:

    I want to laugh, but it hurts my soul too much to know these people exist.

  6. Stephen says:

    Guess what? Not everyone knows what TheOnion is. I think we shouldn’t celebrate a site like this. It spreads blatant misinformation. The even worse problem is numerous other sites are popping up that aren’t ‘theonion’ and even more people are getting misinformation.Sitting back and snickering at people who ‘don’t get it’ isn’t really an attractive thing to be doing.

  7. Simon says:

    I love how most of these people are religious and/or quite clearly American

  8. Sara says:

    It hurts my soul that people actually believe these stories. And yet I laughed out loud anyway! Also, I just moved to a small town, where they published a satirical piece in the paper about how terrible the drug use is, and they had to start taking Army guarded bus trips to the Walmart to protect themselves from the transients and drug users in the area. People at my work actually believed it. When I asked if they had ever seen such a convoy, their responses all sounded like, “well, no. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t real.” When I asked each and every one of them if they knew what the word “satire” meant, 0/10 of them said yes. My heart hurt quite a lot that day. And to close: I love the Onion!

  9. Shane says:

    I love it when people think an article published in a government controlled newspaper reflects the beliefs of an entire nation.

  10. Michelle says:

    I love The Onion, but I’m torn between thinking it’s funny when people believe it’s true and just getting really annoyed at them. It especially annoys me when an entire country believes it, like when North Korea or some Arab country latch onto a satirical piece that makes their country look good, even though those of us in the Western world know it’s clearly fake.

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